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Create | Get Started With The Create Tutorial
Create | Get Started With The Create Tutorial

Unleash your creativity with Kai XR's Create Makerspace Tutorial. Learn, develop, and clarify concepts for limitless virtual design.

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Kai XR's Create Makerspace Tutorial empowers you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to bring your imagination to life.

Ready to unlock your full creative potential?

Log into Kai XR and find the tutorial button on your Create homepage (shown below). We encourage all new users to begin with the tutorial.

Step 1: Log into Create

Step 2: Click the 'Start tutorial' button

To see the Create makerspace tutorial in action, check out our video walkthrough below:

What Can You Expect from the Tutorial?

Learn the Makerspace Basics:

Dive into the world of Create with our comprehensive tutorial. Discover how to navigate the virtual environment, access tools, and unleash your creativity like never before.​

Develop Your Virtual Design Skills:

Our tutorial is designed to help you refine and expand your virtual design capabilities. From constructing 3D environments to personalized experiences, you'll gain the skills to create immersive projects.

Replay for Clarity:

We understand that some concepts might need more clarification. Our tutorial allows you to replay and revisit specific sections to understand the Create makerspace better.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced creator, our friendly and intuitive tutorial will provide invaluable insights and support.

Please remember that our dedicated support team is always here to help you if you have questions or need further guidance. You can also replay the video walkthrough for more clarification.

Begin your Create makerspace tutorial today and step into a world of limitless creativity.

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