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Kai XR's Weekly Office Hours: Guidance for Implementing Kai XR
Kai XR's Weekly Office Hours: Guidance for Implementing Kai XR

Join our team of experts weekly for live Q&A, tips on using Kai XR in the classroom, and a preview of upcoming features. Zoom link provided!

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What Are Kai XR's Office Hours?

Office Hours are dedicated time slots each week where educators can join our team live through Zoom to ask questions, seek advice, and gain valuable insights. This interactive session allows you to engage directly with our experts and learn from their expertise.

We understand that sometimes you may have questions about our platform and implementation or need guidance on incorporating Kai XR into your classroom to make the most of it.

Our team of experts is here to help and provide dedicated support to you through our weekly Office Hours.

When Are Kai XR's Office Hours?

πŸ“… Office Hours Schedule: Office Hours are held every Thursday:

  • 2-3 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

  • 3-4 PM (Mountain Standard Time)

  • 4-5 PM (Central Standard Time)

  • 5-6 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

How Can You Join Us?

πŸ–₯️ Participate via Zoom: Our team will be accessible and ready to help you with any questions. The Zoom meeting link is provided below for your convenience.
➑️ Zoom Link: Join Kai XR Office Hours! πŸš€

What Can You Expect During Our Office Hours?

❓ Q&A Sessions: During office hours, you will have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions with our team of experts. You can ask any questions you may have about Kai XR. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn from our experts and share experiences with other educators.

🌟 Overview of Kai XR: Get an overview of Kai XR. Our team will provide you with a thorough understanding of what Kai XR is. This will encompass a broad overview of the platform and its capabilities.

πŸ“š Using Kai XR in the Classroom: Discover how to use Kai XR for learning in the classroom, including going inside a Kai XR adventure. To achieve the best possible learning experience, our experts will provide helpful tips on using Kai XR in your classroom. Our team will demonstrate the best practices to teach and engage students to maximize learning outcomes.

πŸ†• New Features and Updates: Learn about our new features and updates. As Kai XR grows, we frequently update our tools to remain at the forefront of immersive education. Our team will keep you up to date on these latest updates so you can stay in the know and provide the best possible experience to your students.

πŸ“£ Share Your Feedback: Share your feedback on what improvements we can make to enhance your Kai XR experience. We continuously strive for improvement and love to hear feedback from our users. Your feedback will be valuable to us, and we would love to hear how we can help improve your Kai XR experience.

✨ Discover What's Coming Next: Plus, find out what you can expect from Kai XR next. Kai XR constantly strives to deliver high-quality immersive learning experiences to its users. Our team will provide insight into the upcoming releases and features that we have in store. This will give you a glimpse of what's to come and what to look forward to.

We Are Looking Forward To Meeting With You Soon!

We invite you to join us during our Office Hours so that we can help you with any questions you may have about Kai XR.

Our team of experts can provide you with essential insights into immersive education, and we hope that you will benefit from these discussions.

Please find the Zoom meeting link below:

➑️ Join our Kai XR Office Hours! πŸš€

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