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Create | Understanding the Viewport

Let's learn more about the Create makerspace viewport and the tools available to customize your makerspace.

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The Create Makerspace Viewport is a tool that allows you to shape your virtual space, customize settings, and bring your environment to life. This article will give you all the information you need to fully utilize the viewport's potential.

An Overview of the Create Viewport

Learn more about the Create Viewport.

The 'Settings' button

Clicking the toggle arrow in the settings bar allows you to:

  • Edit the name of your makerspace,

  • Toggle 'Snapping' mode on and off

  • Share your makerspace

    • To learn more about sharing your makerspace, you can click here.

The 'Play' button

Clicking the 'Play' button allows you to explore your makerspace in:

  • Point & click view (default mode)

  • 1st-person view,

  • 3rd-person view

The 'Assets' button

Clicking the 'Assets' button opens our 'Assets' menu. You'll find assets to drag and drop onto the Create grid here.

  • To learn more about adding and editing assets, you can click here.

The 'Environment' button

Clicking the 'Environment' button allows you to change the background of Create space. You can select between our city and space, plus other additional environments.

Learn more about the Advanced Features of Create Viewport.

An Overview of the advanced features available on the Create viewport (shown below)

The 'Home' button

Clicking the 'Home' button allows you to go back to:

  • The Create homepage,

  • Provides access to both the Explore & Learn homepages

The 'Grouping' button

Clicking the 'Grouping' button allows you to toggle between our default 'Single select' or 'Multiple select' mode, allowing you to select multiple assets and use the grouping feature to organize them as a group.

The 'Information' button

The 'โ“' or the 'Information' button is useful for learning more about advanced features. Whenever present, click this button to learn more about shortcuts, animation tools, and more.

The 'Undo/Redo' buttons

You can use the 'Undo & Redo' buttons while designing to undo and redo your mistakes or design steps quickly.

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