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Discover how to optimize asset alignment in Kai XR Create by understanding and utilizing the snapping feature effectively.

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In Kai XR Create, the snapping feature allows you to align assets with precision and ease. Understanding how snapping works can greatly enhance your design process; read on to learn more about snapping and how to toggle the settings to turn it on and off.

Understanding Snapping and its Benefits

When snapping is enabled, the movement of assets through translation or rotation occurs in fixed increments. This means your assets will move or rotate in predetermined degrees or units rather than smoothly. This fixed movement makes it easier to align assets with each other and achieve precise positioning.

We recommend starting with snapping enabled, as it simplifies aligning assets. However, turning snapping off is ideal for more detailed control over the asset's placement.

How To Turn Snapping On/Off:

Note: When snapping is enabled, the toggle switch will be highlighted with a color representing "on." When snapping is disabled, the toggle switch will appear grayed out (shown above).

Understanding Snap Turn in Kai XR Create

Snap turn, also known as click turn, incremental turn, or blink turn, is a movement style often used in VR design. It reduces the potential for motion sickness by instantly turning assets by a set angle. By default, Kai XR Create features a snap turn of 45 degrees.

Example of 'Snapping' turned on

When snapping is on (shown above), turning an asset results in an instant "snap turn" by 45 degrees. With snapping turned off, the turn happens gradually, allowing for more fluid movement and precise adjustments (shown below).

Example of 'Snapping' turned off

By familiarizing yourself with the snapping feature in Kai XR Create, you can optimize asset alignment and improve the overall quality of your virtual reality content.

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