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Adventure | Langston Hughes
Adventure | Langston Hughes
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February 1st not only kicks off Black History Month, but it is also the birthday of one of the most influential figures in African-American literature— Langston Hughes. On this adventure, students will travel to the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Black History to explore Hughes’ literature and legacy as well as his contributions to the Harlem Renaissance.

Follow the directions below to get started.

Navigate to Kai XR Learn Gallery

  • First, log into Kai and navigate to Kai XR Learn by clicking the “Learn” tab or “Let’s learn” on your dashboard.

  • Once inside Kai XR Learn, click the “Gallery” tab.

Clone the Adventure

  • Next, Locate the Langston Hughes adventure. Click the “Clone” button to clone the adventure for your use.

  • You will now see a copy of the Langston Hughes adventure located inside the “My Adventures” tab complete with a slideshow and an adventure code for your students.

Share Adventure Code with Your Students

  • To have your students join this adventure, share your unique 6-digit adventure code with them as they log into Kai XR Learn.

  • This is where your students will input the 6-digit adventure code. From Learn > Join adventure button

Don’t forget, when teaching the adventure, check out our “View Slideshow” button which includes a Google Slides mini-lesson to guide your students.


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