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Create | How To Add Animations

Learn how to use the Properties feature in Kai XR Create to add animations and movement to your assets.

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With our Properties feature, you can transform static assets into dynamic assets that will bring your virtual space to life. This step-by-step guide will walk you through adding animations and the movement with path features (shown below).

How To Locate & Use The Animations Feature

To start with animations, we'll need the Properties section (shown below.) This toolbox houses various options to customize your assets, including animation features.

Step 1: Select the asset you want to animate

Step 2: Click the animations button to locate your animation options

Step 3: Select Your Animation

How To Add Movement With Path

Using simple coding, you can animate your assets in your makerspace. Use the following steps to get started adding movement to your assets.

Step 1: Select your desired asset.

Step 2: Click the Path toggle down button

Step 3: Program your code

How to program your movement with path codes

Example of movement with the path in action

Remember To Test & Refine Your Animations

You can use the play button next to the path of movements space to test your movement.

As you apply animations, take advantage of the Play mode. This feature lets you see how the animation affects your asset in the environment in real time. Use the Play mode to refine and fine-tune the animation until you achieve the desired result.

Once you are satisfied with the animation, save your progress to avoid repeating unnecessary steps.

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